How much are dues and what do they pay for?

As of 2022, dues are $1,230. They pay for: the maintenance of the bridge, 11 miles of paved roads, Riverside Park, the clubhouse, snow removal of public roads and facilities, drinking water and wastewater collection systems and the treatment plant, five POA employees, recreation fee to access pool and cross-country ski trails, forestry practices, administration costs of the Board of Directors and Committees, and this website.

What utilities do we provide?

Water and Sewer.

Who can use the pool for free?

POA members as well as their immediate family (not applicable to vacation/long-term renters).

Do I get to golf for a discount?

No, the golf course operates as a separate business (much like a city-owned golf course) and is not included in the dues. 

Do we still have lots for sale?

No, all of our lots are individually owned by private parties. Contact a local realtor for real estate listings.

What do I need to do before building on my lot?

Click here.

Are there vacation rentals here?

Yes, click here to learn more. 

Are there other HOAs inside of MeadowCreek?

Yes, MeadowCreek is home to 2 sub-HOAs: The Fairway Condos and The MeadowCreek Village Patio Homes. The Fairway Condos consist of five buildings containing 24 units in total. There are 20 Patio Homes in the MeadowCreek Village. Each of these sub-HOAs has its own dues they're responsible for on top of our dues. 

Little Salmon River Estates and the Highlands are two HOAs adjacent to MeadowCreek that use our private road system to access their properties. These HOAs are completely separate from us and have their own dues.


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