MeadowCreek is a subdivision located 4 miles north of New Meadows, Idaho. Much like a small city, we are self-contained with our own private paved road system as well as a drinking water distribution and wastewater collection system. The Resort Association was recently acquired by the Property Owners' Association. Each association functions independently and has a separate Board of Directors that oversees the moving parts of that association. 



POA Business Office: Located inside the Clubhouse, the office is home to our Business Administrator and Communications Specialist.

Properties: MeadowCreek contains 508 residential properties including lots, condominium units, and patio homes. As of 2022, about 255 of the 508 have been built on. All properties are privately owned and are not held by a developer. 

Riverside Park: The Riverside Park includes a pond stocked by Fish and Game, maintained landscapes, and picnic tables. It is a serene spot for fishing, walking your dogs, or enjoying the wildlife. 

Private Roads: The subdivision maintains the paved road system spanning approximately 11 miles. 

Drinking Water: Our drinking water comes from two wells, each over 500 feet deep. Drinking water is managed and maintained in accordance with strict DEQ regulations including weekly water chlorination tests, monthly water quality tests, and the provision of an annual water quality report. 

Waste Water: The POA maintains a six-lagoon treatment complex that includes a 37-acre land application field with a yearly hay crop. Wastewater is managed and maintained in accordance with strict DEQ regulations that include the provision of a yearly land application report. 


Golf CourseThe focal point of the community includes 18 holes of play, as well as smaller facilities (tennis court, pickleball court, and cross country trails in winter).

Pool and CaféThe Osprey and heated swimming pool are only open in the summer months. The Osprey contains a full bar as well as snacks and meals to grab on your way through to the back 9 or while lounging by the pool. 

Driveway Snow Removal: The MCRA operates a snow removal business in the winter specifically for private driveways. Operations are coordinated through Kirk Kundrick and billing is processed through the MCRA office (a separate office from the POA). Please send payments to:


PO Box M

New Meadows, ID 83654.